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whats the difference between a bottom and a power bottom



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*goes on an epic road trip and uploads epic photos and gifs* *hit or miss* *30 notes*

*uploads janky iphone selfie* 

*500+ notes* *100 new followers* 


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I saw something I shouldn’t have seen and I tried to hold back my tears all the way until my legs took me to a quiet alley.

When I reached, tears just flowed down as I try to find a place to sit and cry, just cry

I couldn’t help but think our past relationship as a joke. You don’t tell someone to ” get over it ” just like that, I’m human and I have emotions. I’m not like you, I’m sorry I don’t possess the ability to get over things in just a snap of a finger.

And telling me ” I said I will love you but I never said it was forever ” you have no idea how it damaged my heart.

I just don’t understand how someone can find love so fast and get over a past relationship just like that, I really don’t

Was I the only one putting time and emotions into it? Am I the only one? If not why can’t I move on as fast as him?

I just broke down today, I was feeling great until today. Why can someone move on so fast? Was it because there was no longer love?

I really don’t understand, someone please tell me the reason why.

If you can move on so quickly it simply means what we had didn’t mean as much to you as it did to me. And it kills me to know that.

We broke up so that you can be free and enjoy singlehood. Do what you want, party, meet up with friends but barely a month, no barely a week later you got together with someone from ocs, same camp Somemore

It just kills me so much to know that fact and sometimes I laugh at myself, why did I do so much for us? Was it worth it to you? Did it mean anything to you? I wonder as i try not to feel the tears rolling down my cheeks

I just don’t want to go home today, I just don’t.

love is sweet but not all people can handle it

it is something that is not for everyone.

and it isn’t for me.

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